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Hoes does Birectory helps my busness opportunities ?

There are many websites available on the Internet that can provides all the business information. But all information is not valuable and is usually copied across web directories. When it comes to acquiring information and establish relationship online on a particular subject or the area of concern, you need to obtain them from dependable source websites. Published information usually comes from industry experts. This is where a business directory plays an important role. Besides this, most businesses are also looking to branch out online and the best way to get this is by involving yourself with a global business directory.

Business directory as the name explains is a directory on the World Wide Web that specializes in publishing products and traders and has the available information arranged into categories. The most significant truth about these directories is that they are not search engines as you would think but offers you to search for information contained organized.

The key feature of any business directory is that it offers the methodical way to present the traders themselves further allowing the internet users to navigate those companies. The fundamental role of this directory is the generation of targeted traffic to the companies.

The facility of listing your business online or submitting your website URL in web directory is very beneficial. Here you can get a chance to promote your own business to the world and get more sales and more profit from our business directory.

Reach your Targeted Partners

The first and prime most benefit that you can find is to promote the portfolio of your business to the world. You can communicate and attract global audience towards your business by listing your regional business to our web directory.

Professional Business Listing

Our directory also provides you the facility to add information in a professional manner. Suppose, you want to categorize your business then you can easily categorize it. Choosing the appropriate category is important step in web directory submission as a wrong category may not let you get more possible partners to your online presence and business. Proper categorization listing provides the targeted traffic of customers to your business and help you a lot to increase your popularity.

Promotion Opportunities

A business directory is fundamentally a immense source of advertising power. It can help you promote the advertisement of your business to the entire world. Much like the traditional print mediums of classified ads, you can show your products to entire global customers by placing it on the site along with clickable hyperlinks and up-to-date contact information.

So, whether you own a business and looking to arrange your trade leads in a simple online database, the directory is the simplest, quickest, easiest method. Each product or trade lead added to the our directory actually means more potential customers, and each customer means more advertising dollars.

Certainly, when you register with our web directory, you can utilize information to increase your business profits.

How can I search for the best business partner?

Think of keyword that best describes products or companies that you want to find. Write something specific: it can be the model of some product, the country or region that you targeted: Australia, Japan, Europe, India, China, etc. After pressing search button check out the categories listed in the results. Then look at the fragments which are displayed as result from your search. Then look at suggested keywords from the search engine at the top. This might help to refine your search when looking up for your future business trading. After each subsequent search you can mark companies that have attracted you with the checkbox near the company (or product) and then add them to the enquiry basket. You can contact the companies later.

How can I publish my business, tell me tips ?

If you are running industrial business, textile business, construction business or you offer services like business planning or any other, we encourage you to describe it as good as it is possible. If you have any promotional products, tell people about them, write everything you can in our site. Describe business opportunities that your customer can have with you. Most of the people search the Internet by choosing region of search like India, Europe, wholesale China, Australia. Target your audience by telling in your description where do you currently have contracts with your partners. Make list of products that you want to show to the others. Choose the most attractive products or services you offer. Upload pictures with good quality to our site, let the customer be interested first from the images and then from the description. Don't miss the details. Don't use use the same description for each product or trade lead. For chemical products write the molecular formula. Tell where the product can be used and every detail information.


Why I can't see company's e-mail or web address?

According our membership plans only companies with Business Membership can have e-mail and web address displayed in their contacts.

If you can't see e-mail or web address in the company's contacts this means that this company is on Free Membership plan, but you can still sent this company an enquiry.

For more information about the registration plans visit:

How to send enquiry?

If you want to send enquiry to some of the companies listed in you can do this by several ways:

1. If you are in category or search list you can follow the related "Send enquiry" link located above the top-right corner of every company, product, trade lead or news.

Alternatively you can choose more than one list item to send enquiry, by checking the related checkboxes of the wanted items and then clicking the "Send enquiry" button located above or below the items list.

2. If you are in a Detail Preview page, please click on the "Send enquiry" button located beside the company, product, trade lead or news title


on the "Contact now" button located above the Primary company contact section of every Detail Preview page

You can also add the items you want to send enquiry about to you Enquiry basket, by clicking the "Add to enquiry Basket" or "Add to Basket" buttons and later you can send the inquiries.

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