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Upgrade & Sponsorship

Why should I move to business membership?

There are plenty of WHY reasons. Just pick one:

- your potential clients, suppliers or partners will take you more seriously

- your company information, products and trade leads with be shown in front of the others during search or category browse

- you web and e-mail address will be visible

- you will see the enquirers' contact data

- you will can copy(forward) the received enquiries to your e-mail account

- you will see profile statistics

- you will can upload price lists

- you think you company is better than the others

- you company deserves it

 Free Member

 Business Member

Membership plan comparison can be found here:

How to move to Business membership plan?

1. Log into your account and follow the Upgrade link

2. Check the "Business membership" checkbox and click the 'Add to cart' button

3. Continue to checkout

How to make my items VIP?

The easiest way to make your items VIP is to follow the 'Upgrade' link in your user account and select the items(your company, products, trade leads and news) you want to sponsor.

Another way is to follow the 'Not VIP' link from your items' list or to click the 'Make VIP' button located in the item's edit page.

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